I've been blessed to write, produce and direct a short film,  SILENCING MABEL. It will play in a theatre in Los Angeles this year. The film was accepted and screened in an Austin based film festival and is submitted to many others. Fingers crossed: ) Currently I am shooting a documentary. It's about hope I have enjoyed  traveling with my son and daughter interviewing wonderful people. The first trailer is in the works and will be on Vimeo soon. The current name is Tour de Rose, A quest for hope.


Theatre work

Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

I directed 3 soldout plays are the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. CPAT was a school and community group I formed in the 90's. Al Kasha original writer of the play attended. I was able to get the original Broadway sets for my production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Modern day multimedia version of ROMEO and JULIET. I shot and edited scenes that were projected on the stage. We also had live cast acting on stage.

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My work in Local 706

I took this photo of Graham on Dancing with Wolves while doing hair on the film.

My family heritage is based in the film industry. My great grandfather William Guthrie ran Warner Bothers for 40 years in the Locations dept but did much more then that. My grandfather Lester Guthrie started the Directors Guild of America and my father Lynn Guthrie worked as a producer, director and unit production manager. We are coming up on 100 years in Film and Television.  I grew up on films as a child and knew I would be a part of telling stories like my family before me. Obsessed with period film making I was honored to land a job doing wigs and hair on ELVIS AND ME. Such a fun show. Another film I will never forget is working on DANCES WITH WOLVES . Tons of wigs and extensions.  JFK was a chance to be very creative and then another Oliver Stone period film HEAVEN AND EARTH. I worked on many shows but these are the ones that I love the most because they were period pieces. I did love working on DROP DEAD FRED. More credits at TAMARA GUTHRIE-MURO 

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My work as a Preview Tech

The still digital camera came out and I bought a Canon. My husband was making his debut as a cinematographer and he needed someone to be the  Preview Tech on OPEN RANGE. It's kind of what you would call a DI today.  I would take the photos with the digital camera or work with the ones my husband took and I would change the color timing and in some cases manipulate them in the way he saw fit for the film. PANIC ROOM was the only film at that time to do a Digital Intermediate. So I would be able to work on the second film doing Preview Tech. I also worked doing the Preview Tech on CIRQUE DU FREAK: VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT. Read more on my about page.

Read my about me page for more information.

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